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Web Hosting is a service that is offered to piggy back a website construction, for those who would like to have a presence on the World Wide Web and do not have their own domain set-up on the Internet. It may display information about their company or organization in the form of Web pages. One does not need a computer or Internet access to be hosted.

Why is it important to have your web site hosted in Australia?

If you are selling to Australian based consumers having your website located in Australia will mean two very important things.

  • The first is that the web site will be far quicker to view for Australian visitors to your web site. Data on the web goes along many connections to get from A to B, if any of these connections is slow or congested the data will slow down. The speed of data is limited by the slowest link in the chain between where the web site is and where the visitor is. The further away (geographically) the visitor from the website the more links there are and the more chances there are the speed will be limited.
  • The second benefit of having your site located in the same country your visitors will come from is search engines. Many search engines are clever enough to know where a web site is geographically located, and to know where surfers are located. This enables them to give better search results for their users, i.e. if I search for a widget I’m more likely to get widget manufactures in Australia than anywhere else, there are (many) other factors at play here but having your site in the same country will help.

It’s important to understand that the location of the company has no significance here, many web hosting companies resell web hosting which is based overseas, the critical point it that the actual servers must be located in Australia. If in doubt ask us, we can help you work out where a server is actually located.

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