Understanding Web Hosting

Server Space
A web site is a collection of files. Those files are placed on the hard drive of a web host computer. The Server space is the amount of space allocated for you. Most web sites are optimised for speed, so the pages and files are small, many web sites are under 5MB, our standard hosting provides 150MB space, which is obviously ample for most websites.

To ensure that your website loads fast and is always available to users across the world,our facility is serviced by high speed links through Optus, Swiftel & Connect. These connections are diversely routed for highly redundant connectivity.

Monthly data transfer limits determine how much of our outbound bandwidth we allocate to your website. Monthly transfers are sold in four allocation levels: 5, 10, 15, 20 & 50 GB per month.

Email Aliases
An alias is an email address, i.e. me@mywebsite.com.au. you can have as many alias’s as you would like attached to your web address.

A pop box is like a letter box. Just like a letter box you can have many identities mail sent to the same box (think a family of people all sharing the same letter box). You have a minimum of 5 email letter boxes (POP boxes) with your hosting and more if you require them.

The integrity of your website data is as important to us as it is to you.

Unlike any hosting company on earth, we back up your Linux based website every single hour of the day. Each of these hourly backups is kept for 24 hours and can be restored in seconds from within your toolkit.

Six daily and one weekly backup are also on hand at all times.

Restoring your website is almost immediate, and the restored data is identical to the point at which the Snapshot copy was created.

Visitor Statistics and Advanced Visitor Statistics
These reports are emailed to you each Monday morning and allow you to keep track of the activity on your website.

Advanced statistics provide far more detailed information and only cost $100 per annum, such as “How are visitors getting to your site?” “How are they using your site?” “Are visitors converting into customers?” “Which marketing efforts are paying off?” and many more with our detailed unique visitor reports

Linux Hosting
Web hosting computers are similar to normal computers in that they require an operating system to run. On your desktop machine you will probably use windows or MAC OSX, on web servers Linux is the most popular operating system, it’s fast, flexible and economical.

Cluster Hosting
Clustered websites aren’t housed on any single server, but on as many as a dozen at once. Should hardware fail, healthy servers simply close ranks and share the load.

Spam protection
We actively block known spammers from our mail system by subscribing to reliable real-time blacklists (RBLs). Our RBLs block 90% of the spam that would ordinarily hit an account.

To handle the remaining 10%, we make use of open-source heuristics to identify spam by its content. Our toolkit allows you to specify whether these messages are delivered, marked as SPAM or deleted.