Australian Web Hosting

Why would you want to host your website in Australia?

Australian web hosting is often more expensive than overseas hosting (there is some very cheap, even free hosting in places like America and India) so why would you pay any more? There are some very good reasons, but you usually only find out what they are if you buy the wrong hosting first! Save your self some time and money and read the following.

Australian based Web Hosting will make your website quicker.

All things being equal the same web server in Australia (with the same load and software) will make your website quicker to view than overseas web hosting simply because the process of requesting a page from the server and having it delivered has less distance to travel.

Web hosting in Australia makes it much easier if something goes wrong.

If your site is hosted in another country and something goes wrong (your website goes off the air or your emails stop working) you’ll need to contact your hosting company. For overseas companies this usually means sending an email or filling in a ‘Job Ticket’. This takes time and you’re hoping the tech at the other end understand your lay person talk. As most overseas companies will be in a different time zone you then have to wait, sometimes until the next day, for a response. Wouldn’t it be easier to ring someone and talk to them, get the problem solved and then just get on with your life? Unless you’ve lived through the pain of this you won’t realise what a pain it quickly becomes.

Australia based servers and better SEO

Australia based servers (and IP addresses) will provide you with a better chance at Search Engine Optimisation success. Google looks at the physical location of your server via it’s IP address as a clue to the market you operate in. It’s true that websites that relate to the whole world have to be based somewhere but if your niche is a particular country then it’s better to be based there. Matt Cutts google head tech has this to say…