Linux Web Hosting

Linux Web Hosting

We specialise in Linux Web hosting, PHP pages and MySQL database sites are our forte.

If you want to host your website in a Linux environment then our servers are prefectly suited to the task.

Our Australian based serversare focused towards business. We are happy to provide assistance in setting up and configuring your linux hosting to suit your needs.

We have one basic plan with

Anything else you need can be added as you need it.

Our Web Hosting is situated in the largest Linux hosting facility in Australia and is focused on serving Australian medium and small businesses.

Our aim is to give our customers the same quality of web hosting service that big businesses enjoy, at prices that represent great value to a small or medium business.

Hosting is all configurable: pay only for what you need
No business wants to pay more than they need to get the job done. Unfortunately, hosting companies often bank on them doing just that.

Our custom hosting allows you to choose just the features you need. When your needs increase, you can upgrade your package any time.

Servers are clustered for performance and reliability
Our Linux hosted websites are clustered. Clustering means that every single website is served from as many as 12 servers at any one time. If one server fails, others will pick up the load and keep your site online.

We invest heavily to increase security, reliability and convenience
We recognize that to do business, your website must be online and that your email must be dependable. Our investment in data storage, clustered hosting and email protection are part of an ongoing commitment to protect your online presence, your data and your business.